Our courses are tailor made to each student’s needs.

One of our student’s greatest concerns is whether every person in the group will have the same level as them. Understandably this is a worry that we take very seriously. We have different level tests to have an idea of the overall level. Before offering a group we ask about previous studies and experiences abroad. Also, what we offer is something, which is quite unique, which is the possibility to try the lesson, if you don’t like it or you think that your level is not right for the class we can talk about it and look at alternatives.
Our students are divided by age as well as level.
We have 1, 2, and 3 hours weekly courses depending on the student’s age.

The youngest students (3, 4 and 5 year olds) come to class once a week for one hour. We have specially equipped classrooms for their comfort. Our method is purely oral and visual, making them have a good time at the same time as they effortlessly learn and get accustomed to another language.

From 6 to 18 year olds, they come for two hours a week divided in two days. With these students we look at their needs, what we aim to achieve is to teach them at a higher level to what they are used to, increasing their vocabulary, getting used to expressing themselves in another language, also to cover the gaps and bad habits they may have oral exams. It is an excellent way to encourage all students to put their knowledge into practice. It’s a very positive experience. For students who are sitting the “Selectividad “ picked up along the way (primary, secondary education).
For all of these students we encourage and prepare them for the officials exams we find this very useful especially with a strong possibility that the Selectividad exam may be oral in the near future.

For students of over 18 years of age we strongly recommend everyone to take the Cambridge exams, First Certificate, Advanced, and Proficiency since these are the most recognised around the world. These courses are very comprehensive for everyone, even those who are not interested in taking the exams learn a lot by studying the exam coursework.
For those students who want to start from zero or those who have started many times and have reached a certain level but have given up, we have very practical methods which have been very enjoyable and effective. From basic, to elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate, all of these courses are interactive, putting special stress on speaking the language.

Whatever your level may be or your motive for studying languages we welcome everybody with open arms to be part of the Britannia family. We take pride in knowing students personally and to make them feel comfortable and happy with our school.

We also collaborate with a school of English in Cambridge and London who offer all types of courses all year round.