LISTENING: Animal Charity. Intermediate (CEF level: B1)

Esto es una autoevaluación del nivel INTERMEDIATE para en unos minutos y desde tu casa puedas coinocer tu nivel de inglés. Si deseas realizar las pruebas de nivel para acceder a nuestro centro Britannia, puedes ver las Pruebas de Nivel.

1) Pre-listening
Wich words would you associate with an animal charity? Can you add any words to the list?
habitat, danger, sanctuary, nature reserve, money, safe, poaching, mammal, donation, protection, cheese, breeding, zoo, zoogist, charity, animal, extinction, species, danger, poacher, export, cage

2) Listening I
You are going to listen to an interview with someone who has set up an animal charity. Which words the Pre-listening activity can you ear?

3) Listen again. Then, read the sentences and choose the correct options (answers)
1. Their slogans is, 'Oh, please, Be, Be, Be, Be, Be...
a) generous b) happy

2. The mate bandicoot has...
a) horns b) a tail

3. They have mammals which like to eat...
a) cheese b) fruit

4. The have been raising money to open a sanctuary in...
a) the country b) London

5. They hope to raise 1 millon in order to buy...
a) zoo b) a house

6. They have been trying to find a photo of a bandicoot for
a) anoe week b) a couple of weeks