Welcome to Britannia


We are Britannia and we have been in business since 1993, during this period many students have studied with us successfully and we have managed to acquire the experience needed to meet the desired expectations from our students. We have 5 centres in Zaragoza.

The main activity of our academies is the teaching of English, however we do also teach German and French, we use our own method, concentrating on how the language works (traditionally known as grammar), vocabulary, but place a far greater emphasis on speaking, in fact the majority of the class being taught is conducted in the foreign language that is being taught and we actively encourage the students to speak rather than using some methods which are based on repetition only. A very important part of our method is something that is not found in books, but in a classroom, that is a friendship amongst all present in the classroom, from the teacher to all the students, that way a relaxed and friendly atmosphere is created.

Who studies with us?
Well anyone can, and does study with us. We have students from the age of 3 onwards, we teach businesses. We give private classes, group classes, classes at home, at work in fact anywhere depending on availability. We also do translations and interview preparations.

You have some tests on our website which can help you determine your level, for the oral level you will need to contact us to arrange a test, we have many classes listed on our web page, however due to constant changes it is difficult to list everything so if you don’t see something adequate then please call us for information

Our aim is to adapt our style to the necessities of our students this could be you. We encourage comments and feedback.

We offer a variety of services, teaching, translations, interview preparations, preparations for official Cambridge exams, courses abroad etc. Etc.

90 of our teachers are natives however we do also have some Spanish teachers, the reason for this is clear, we know from experience that you are not going to find anyone better to explain English grammar than a Spanish teacher who has had to learn English grammar, in fact the majority of native English teachers were never taught grammar at their school, ask your teacher if they were!!

We are confident that you will like your studies with us therefore we offer 1 free no obligation class, so come and try us, you have nothing to lose!!